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Keith Fludder, Knifemaker

I made my first knife in 1988 after having been given a copy of Blade magazine by a friend of mine. There were a number of articles about “how to do this and how to do that," and I thought that I’d like to have a go at making one. I was immediately hooked and my passion burns still.

I view knives as tools and works of art and I put my heart, soul and sweat into making them.Knives have to be functional, the designs and materials chosen must fit the purpose of the end product.


A number of things are very important to me: 

  1. Performance of the knife is above anything else

  2. The shape(style) of the knife for its given task (what is it? What does it do)

  3. Aesthetics, I like to make them look as best I can


All processes of making the knife is done by me, that way I have total control of the end product. Personal satisfaction with each completed project means customer satisfaction. I regularly carry out performance tests, especially for new types of steel that I have not used before to ensure a great product. I offer a lifetime guarantee on all of my knives ( my lifetime that is) under normal working conditions.

I am a member of the Australian Knifemakers Guild, the American Bladesmith Society and have achieved Journeyman Smith status.

I am one of two founding members of the Knife Art Association Australia.



It truly is fantastic to win awards that are judged by your peers and I can tell you the standards are very high. 


2016 Adelaide Knife show

Best Forged knife (Damascus)

Best Hunting knife


2014 International Cutlers Exhibition

Best Damascus

2013 Adelaide Knife show

Best Forged knife (Damascus)

2013 Australian Knifemakers Guild show

Best Hunter (shared with Mr S McIntyre), a great honor

2011 Australian Knifemakers Guild show

Best Damascus knife

2009 Canberra Knife show

Best in show

2009 Adelaide Knife show

Best Hunting knife

Best Forged knife (Damascus)

2009 Australian Knifemakers Guild show

Best Hunter

2008 Adelaide Knife show

Best forged knife (Damascus)

2007 Canberra Knife show

Best Damascus

Best fixed blade

2006 Australian Knifemakers Guild show

Best Kitchen Knife


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